Annique Baby Rooibos Tea 40's

Annique Baby Rooibos Tea 40's

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Annique Baby Rooibos Tea is organic, has been hygienically treated, is low in tannin & caffeine-free. 

It can be added to milk formula instead of water to help limit the occurrence of & soothe milk & other food allergies.  It is recommended to replace water or juice with Baby Rooibos tea for a nutritional & anti-allergic supplementary drink.

When added to baby's bath or applied directly onto the skin, it can also help soothe skin rashes & sensitivity.

Rooibos boasts anti-allergic, antispasmodic & antiviral properties & is also rich in minerals & high-quality antioxidants.

To prepare: Add one tea bag to boiling water in a teapot. Simmer for 5 to 15 minutes to activate the anti-allergic enzymes. Then add it to your baby’s milk formula or cool down for the baby to drink or add to fruit juice for a healthy, suitable baby drink.

*Baby Rooibos tea is perfectly safe for babies, however when introducing it to newborn babies, it is important to introduce it in the smallest quantities & between milk feeds for the first six months.

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