Barker and Quin Finest Indian Tonic Water 200ml 4 Pack

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Barker & Quin are a premium tonic water producer. This means they select natural ingredients and quinine, mixed together with mountain spring water to form the perfect tonic water. The aim: to supply tonic to the discerning gin drinker. Barker & Quin pride themselves on delivering a consistent premium tonic mixer using all natural ingredients.

Serving Suggestion:

Take a cold wine glass (or glass of choice). Add ice, the larger the cubes the better. Add one of our fabulous non-alcoholic gins, (50ml), squeeze a lime or lemon wedge into the gin and drop it into the glass. Add ice cold Barker & Quin Finest Indian tonic water, squeeze another lime or lemon wedge and drop it in the glass, stir briefly. Sit back and enjoy

    • COLOUR Crystal clear. 
    • AROMA Fresh and aromatic, with a hint of citrus zest. 
    • FLAVOUR A combination of citrus notes and spices that are well balanced by the natural quinine. The latter providing ample structure to support the flavours and effervescence.


Carbonated Spring Water, Cane Sugar, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Flavouring, Natural Quinine

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