Potjiekos from Huisgenoot by Marlene Hammann (English Edition)

Potjiekos from Huisgenoot by Marlene Hammann (English Edition)

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Potjiekos from Huisgenoot was first published in 1989. It shows you just how versatile the famous black pot can be. It does not always have to be three-legged with a fire under its belly – the flat-bottomed version is equally at home in the kitchen. And any food prepared in a black pot, whether outdoors or indoors, simply is more tasty and delicious!

A huge variety of traditional favourites and gourmet dishes are included, making this the one cookbook that every potjiekos enthusiast should have. Creamy curried seafood potjie, Greek fish stew, Venison hotpot, Malay sheep’s tripe, Succulent oxtail, Mediterranean half-necks of lamb, Neck of pork with baked apples, Mrs Pachoo’s curried mince, Creamy tomato meatballs, Chicken Breyani, Chicken livers in a red-wine sauce, Sugar bean curry, Pumpkin potjie, Savoury samp, Biltong pot bread, Orange pot cake … Potjie recipes to make your mouth water, whatever your culinary tastes!


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