Food Rating Certificate

Food grade certificates give customers assurance that the food that they are buying is safe and suitable to eat. They also show how well the outlet has met its quality and hygiene requirements under the Food Act 2014.

What the eatsafe Auckland grades mean

Auckland Councils' food grading system is called eatsafe Auckland.

The grade on the certificate is based on the food outlet's food safety, quality and hygiene standards.

The grade takes into account an outlet's:

  • process control
  • environmental control
  • food safety behaviour
  • confidence in management
  • compliance history.

A: Excellent

Scored between 91-100 per cent.

These businesses provide the highest level of confidence that they manage a food control plan, practise our four Cs of Cook, Clean, Chill and Conduct, and consistently produce safe and suitable kai.

Minor issues around documentation may cause the score to fall below 100 per cent.