Barista Coffee Pinotage

Barista Coffee Pinotage

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Pinotage was developed in South Africa in 1929.  To date, some styles of commercially-priced Pinotage have not been favourably received by buyers, consumers & the wine press.

Bertus “Starbucks” Fourie has been the mastermind behind the development of the coffee Pinotage style. He has made both Diemersfontein and Café Culture (KWV) that have seen major successes globally. This style of Pinotage has the potential to position Pinotage as an exciting and unique commercial offering from South Africa.

100% Pinotage grapes from the Robertson area In our experience the Pinotage grapes produced from dark, deep red soils, usually Glenrosa and Oakleaf soils, yield the grapes with the perfect parameters for this style of wine Different batches were treated in various ways.  Certain batches were put through the “flash pasteurization” process to optimize colour and taken back to the skins for alcoholic fermentation. Some of the batches were pasteurized, and pressed immediately to be fermented on oak to ensure the rich, dark coffee aromas Other batches were fermented conventionally on the skins and pumped over vigorously during the course of alcoholic fermentation, to be racked and pressed directly into French oak for the completion of fermentation

All the wine completed malolactic fermentation on French oak, after which it was stabilized.

Description A burst of intense, rich coffee and chocolate aromas with ripe nuances of mulberry, plum and Maraschino cherries. A wine ready to be enjoyed.

Food & Wine match Perfect with everything! It has been listed in several restaurants as an accompaniment of different meat types, rich, creamy casseroles and even the most controversial desserts. Bertus’ favourite remains a blue cheese filled brandy snap, with Belgium chocolate and roasted coffee beans…

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