Barker and Quin Marula Tonic Water 200ml 4 Pack

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Taking their notes from the tree tops of Africa, Barker & Quin have developed their Marula tonic water.  This tonic is made with natural marula flavour and mountain spring water.  Join them on the journey to the Bushveld.

Serving Suggestion:

Take a sturdy tumbler and add your ice cubes. Add one of our fabulous non-alcoholic gins of choice  (50ml).  Take a couple of fresh mint leaves (crushing them slightly) and drop them into the glass.  Fill up with Marula Tonic and sit back and enjoy!

    • COLOUR Crystal clear. 
    • AROMA Natural Marula flavour infused with the B&Q Indian Tonic 
    • FLAVOUR This particular flower brings a bouquet that is exotic and tropical. The taste is refreshingly different.


Carbonated Spring Water, Cane Sugar, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Flavouring, Natural Quinine, Marula

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