Chilli Addict Nagaland Ghost Sauce 200ml

Chilli Addict Nagaland Ghost Sauce 200ml

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Naughty but oh-so-nice. Our range of Chilli Addict sauces are as full of personality as they are flavour. Liven up your kitchen with a flash of heat, but beware of the burn!

Heat intensities range from a 3/10 Sweet Chilli for the inquisitive to a 10/10 Habanero for the beyond brave.

Our fiery range includes: Birds Eyes (9/10), Habanero (10/10), Jalapeno & Coriander (4/10), Korean Chilli & Garlic (5/10), Peri-Peri (5/10), Smoked Chipotle (7/10), Sriracha (3/10), Nagaland Ghost (12/10)

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