Freshpak Green Rooibos Tagless Teabags 20s

Freshpak Green Rooibos Tagless Teabags 20s

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Green rooibos is not a green tea. Only Camellia sinensis plant can be used for making real tea types—white, green, yellow, oolong, black and dark. Green Rooibos tea comes from the African bush Aspalathus linearis. While green tea is grown in more than 70 countries around the world, green rooibos comes exclusively from South Africa

Both real green tea and green rooibos contain high levels of antioxidants and may be beneficial for health. However, the antioxidants in them are different. Unlike green tea, green rooibos is completely caffeine free. This makes it a safe drink for the evenings, before sleep or even for some pregnant and breastfeeding women. In fact, rooibos is usually one of rare teas suitable for infants and children as well.

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