Klipdrift Export Brandy 750ml

Klipdrift Export Brandy 750ml

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In 1938, at exactly 8:02pm, the first drop of Klipdrift Export was distilled by JP Marais. Known for his generosity, he shared it with his friends and neighbours who couldn't stop talking about its smooth, full-bodied taste. We know a good thing when we taste it which is why, even though almost a century has passed, we're still crafting Klipdrift Export in exactly the same way. 

With its hallmark aromas of ripe summer fruits and toasted hazelnuts and long, lingering aftertaste, Klipdrift Export is a brandy worthy of its status as a South African icon.

The brandy is skilfully distilled and left to age in French Oak for a minumum of 3 years.

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